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  1. Copying and passing quoted content on a touch screen device is painful. Typically it requires zooming the screen, positioning the cursor between the brackets (hit and miss), hitting enter a few times to create line breaks, long holding to paste the content, then removing the line breaks. A modal window similar to the URL insert or code would work much better. View the full article
  2. The admin per-user IP Address List is only capable of showing 1 record per second, due to the use of fetchPairs with the timestamp as the key. View the full article
  3. I am an new user setting up my forum and have been logging in and out of my admin panel with no problem. Now today when I try to log in I am being asked that I have to enable 2-step verification in order to continue. I never set this as a requirement for our forum so I don't know why this is showing up now when it never did before. And if I try to enable the 2-step verification, it will not take my password in order to enable. So I am stuck and locked out of my own forum. Please help... Can't get in to admin control panel due to request for 2-step verification View the full article
  4. Hello, I make an add-on and I have a widget with most followers (top 5) but it won't work : I use this in my template : HTML: <xf:foreach loop="$users" value="$users"> {$user.sc_most_followers|number} </xf:foreach> This in my XF\Widget : PHP: public function render() { $finder = \XF::finder('XF:User'); $users = $finder->where('sc_user_follow', '>', 0)... Problem to display value with my widget View the full article
  5. Based on this topic: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/im-looking-for-the-current-url-variable.124866/ There isn't {$requestPaths.fullUri} in XF2? Thanks View the full article
  6. Xon submitted a new resource: Thread & Post BB Code for XF2 - Bbcodes to generate Friendly URLs to threads or posts from the ID. Bbcodes to generate Friendly URLs to theads or posts from the ID respecting permissions to view details about the target. The primary use in XF1.x was to generate stable URL's for linking in the face of moderation. This add-on is to allow... Click to expand... Thread & Post BB Code for XF2 View the full article
  7. Hi, My dedicated server host installed memecache for me: I also saw that memcache was running on the old server. This was installed on the new server, but not running. I enabled this and installed the matching PHP modules for PHP 7.0 and 7.1 so that your forum can take advantage of memcache, it now will be able. Click to expand... So I found this to be added to config.php and added it: $config\['cache'\]\['backend'\] = 'Memcached'; $config\['cache'\]\['backendOptions'\] = array(... Click to expand... Trying to get memecached running but having issues View the full article
  8. This may be a stupid question why do I get the error “website not secure” ? View the full article
  9. Xon submitted a new resource: Collaborative Threads - Enables ad-hoc created groups to share OP-rights to a thread Formally a private add-on for nearly 3 years, this has now been publicly released with the XF2 version. Enables ad-hoc created groups to share OP-rights to a thread. Admin defined list of what permisions can be shared from the thread starter (some... Click to expand... Collaborative Threads [Paid] View the full article
  10. Prefixes are clickable in the forum view and that's it. However if I am browsing the forum in another area, new posts, etc. and I see a prefix I like, I'd like to be able to click it and it take me to the same place as if I clicked it in forum view (the prefix sort for that particular forum). Prefixes and tags have been used in place of categories in some of the so-called "modern" solutions, but I happen to like the way XF does it. I just want to be able to click them. I like that they... I would like to be able to click Prefixes outside of forum view View the full article
  11. I don't see an option to close a poll. With Xenforo 1 I used to just put 0 hours to close it but with Xenforo 2 it won't let me put zero. Is there a way to close a poll without closing the thread? View the full article
  12. When trying to embed media from media gallery to a post using XF 2.0.12, Media Gallery 2.0.5 and IE11 when you click the media embed button the pictures pop up in the window like they should but you can't select anything. I just tested this here and it appears to be the same problem with XF 2.1 View the full article
  13. hello, how can i get parent node_id into the $alert variable when the content type is post ( account_alerts_popup ) ? Did someone know ? thanks. View the full article
  14. Use full friendly URLs If you enable this option, the links generated by the system will not include "index.php?". However, to enable this, mod_rewrite must be available and an appropriate .htaccess file (or the equivalent for your web server) must be in place. I have set this but site keeps telling page not found error why? I need to remove the site url with the index.php extension so that my SSL cert will work. View the full article
  15. I haven't encountered this before. On one XF 2.0.12 forum, a member reports that when she views a thread she sees the latest post first, and the OP at the very bottom of the page. Since this is only a single member seeing this, I assume it must6 be somewhere in Preferences or Account for that member but I can't find any setting that would change that. View the full article

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