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TDB Stop Shouting 1.0.8

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About This File

What does it do?
This plug-in prevents your members from trying to steal attention, by entering a title in purely uppercasing with lots of punctuation. The Plug-in will try and strip the text to a more readable format that is constant with your board posting guidelines.
Plug-in Settings:
  • Case Types: There are 5 different types of casing that you can use. No Modification, Sentence Case, Upper Case, Lower Case and Title Case.
  • Excessive Punctuation: This tries to reduce excessive punctuation from the title. This will turn ??????? to ? and !!!!!! to !.
  • Exception Words: These are word of your choosing that will never have their casing changed, regardless of your plug-in settings. If the word is upper case, all of these words in the title will be forced Upper case for example.
  • Remove Characters: These are characters that will be removed regardless of how many there are in the title text.

Names that begin with O', Mc or Mac will be processed automatically from o'neill to O'Neill or mcneill to McNeill.

What's New in Version 1.0.8 (See full changelog)

  • v1.0.1
  • Fixed: Bug were letters would be capitalised after an apostrophe.
  • Change: Re-wrote a lot of code to better handle names like McNeill, O’Neill etc. Still not perfect, but should be a little better.
  • Changed: CMS titles should work a lot better than previously before.
  • Changed: cleaned up some slow routines and should be faster than the previous version.
  • There are possibly other changes or bugs which have escaped me at this time.
  • v1.0.2
  • Fixed: There was an issue with Acrylic languages.
  • v1.03
  • This version has had a massive rewrite to the code to make it more manageable, easier to work with or to optimise the code.
  • The previous versions had issues with certain Latin and Cyrillic languages when converting case form lower to upper. PHP Multibyte functions have issues with converting non standard Alphabet's in languages such as Turkish for example. This plug in no longer uses MultiByte functions in the code to convert words. I have now used the PHP Transliterator functions which seem to give much better results when dealing with languages.
  • Thank you to Ocean West for bringing this to my attention.
  • Added: The ability to added your own names or words which use a Second Capital Letter in them.
  • Added: The ability to added custom 'Transliterator List Ids' for formatting different languages for example.
  • Fixed: Non standard Alphabetical characters will now be correctly displayed. Turkish I and i for example.
  • Fixed: Any words which had a non alphanumerical character (comma for example) at the start or a word would not be capitalised in the sentence.
  • Fixed: Removing Excessive Punctuation would sometimes result in an extra space or would not be removed correctly.
  • Fixed: Removing some Characters would result in an extra space and these spaces would not be removed.
  • Fixed: Other small issues or bugs,
  • Changed: Commas in sentences will now start as a new sentence and the next word will be capitalised correctly.
  • Changed: Some special characters would incorrectly be considered as a new word. For example $ and £ would then have a space after breaking up $5 or £5.
  • Removed: Removed the CMS/Pages part of the code as it was not working correctly. I plan on updating this but this requires an update to an Application as the plug-in code has limitations.
  • I have also upload the file as an XML and not archived, this makes it easier to just download and install.
  • v1.04
  • Just a quick update to fix a couple of plug-in settings issues.
  • v1.05
  • This version is to update a few bugs which were found in the previous version:
  • Fixed: There were a few Issues where the title could be truncated if excessive chars were used.
  • Added: Added a switch to use PHP Multibyte functions over Transliterator.
  • v1.06
  • Several Bugs fixes.
  • v1.07
  • Fixed: The first word of the sentence was not upper case if Sentence or Uppercase were selected if the word was in the exempt list.
  • v1.08
  • Please Note this version has been converted from a Plug-in to a Application.
  • If you have previously installed the plugin version, do NOT uninstall the plugin until you have installed the Application version first or you will lose your previous settings. I have created a upgrade script, but it seems to be a hit and miss whether or not it will work. You may have to manually port over your plugin settings afterwards.
  • Changed: Converted the plugin version to an Application. This will give me much more control over future additions which I have planned for this Application.
  • Changed: The Settings form is now split into 5 different tabs to make it easier to work with.
  • Added: StopShouting will now handle core applications such as CMS and Calendar Events. I do not have 'Gallery' or 'Blogs' so I cannot test these on my install.
  • Added: The ability to disable or override CMS's built in formatting functions. This is to prevent StopShouting's titles being overwritten by CMS text formatting and to save some CPU cycles. If you want a field to be formatted, you must SELECT it in CMS using the 'Apply Text Formatter' in the field Settings. The formatting Options will be ignored while handled by StopShouting. CMS titles will be handled automatically regardless of these settings.
  • Changed: Optimised the code to reduce overhead and speed things up a little more.
  • Fixed: Titles with certain punctuation characters were not handled correctly and the words afterwards would not be capitalised correctly.
  • Fixed: Exceptions 'words' function was not working as expected. I have finally managed to fix this issues.
  • If there is anything you would like added to this Application, please let me know.

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